Breaking Barriers in the Media

The media has its way of portraying groups of people in certain ways. For instance Asians in American film are usually cast into martial arts roles or have very distinguished accents.  Asians are unfairly represented largely because we have accepted their stereotype as the norm of their culture which only degrades their population. Diaspora media is important to the increase of understanding and acceptance of the many people who have left their home country of origin and have dug roots in a new county.

In an article I recently read, an Asian-American speaks out about her identity and feelings toward the portrayal of Asians in Western societies. Whitney claims that the way the media portrays this culture is racist, yet society fails to acknowledge the racism that occurs because we have been conditioned to believe that this is how their culture is. In today’s digital age, it has become more accepted for people to use the media as a way to promote societal change.

There are bloggers and YouTubers involved in breaking down stereotypes that have followed these groups of people. An example is David Choi. Choi is known for being an Asian-American who became famous on YouTube. He is breaking down Asian stereotypes, like what it means to be successful in his culture, through his YouTube videos. He has become a role model for Asians who want to take alternative paths toward success, but is also impacting how other view his culture. This BuzzFeed article lists 17 other Asian Australians That Are Breaking Stereotypes and how they are doing it.

Crossover cinema has become extremely important in giving a voice to cultures who are often invisible in the media. When cultures are merged together in a hybridized film they encompass many relatable viewpoints, instead of just one, which resonates with a multicultural audience.  There are many films of this sort that are telling stories of under-represented cultures and reaching a broad audience– Kite Runner and Bend it Like Beckham, for example. Media is a great way to spread the ideals and values of cultures and as media is such an influence in our world today it is crucial that groups of people are represented and made visible in their truest form.



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